Minnesota Masonic Charities provides important services and contributes to many charitable causes in the name of Minnesota Masonry.

Minnesota Masonic Home’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality care and services to aging adults.

The lush, 83-acre campus in Bloomington, Minnesota is centrally located, easy to access, and offers everything you need for your special event.

Providing compassionate and effective identification, treatment and support for childhood communication disorders.

Minnesota Masonic Home Campus

Visitors to the Minnesota Masonic Home campus are familiar with the lush greenery of the space–from thick woods to rolling fields. But guests may not immediately recognize that the campus is growing greener, with the help of the Home’s new recycling and food waste processes.

Last year, MMH representatives met with a Hennepin County Consultant to discuss how to improve the Home’s waste management streams. Two initiatives were adopted: a new recycling program and a Food-to-Animal program. Both reduce landfill waste as well as collection costs for Minnesota Masonic Home.

The Food to Animal program works with local farmers to provide food waste for animal consumption. Our enhanced recycling program includes a new, on-site, 30-yard recycling compactor, purchased through grant money from the County. Alone, the recycling program reduces recycling pickups at the Home from four weekly to one pickup every two weeks! The program also makes it easier to recycle; residents and staff are not required to sort their recyclables with the new process. The Home’s “Green Team” of waste management ambassadors continue to discuss new ways to grow greener.