Minnesota Masonic Charities provides important services and contributes to many charitable causes in the name of Minnesota Masonry.

Minnesota Masonic Home’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality care and services to aging adults.

The lush, 83-acre campus in Bloomington, Minnesota is centrally located, easy to access, and offers everything you need for your special event.

Providing compassionate and effective identification, treatment and support for childhood communication disorders.

WelcomeFor over 100 years, Minnesota Masonic Home has maintained an unmatched level of care for each and every one of our senior residents, and our staff are committed to upholding that honorable reputation, even amid a pandemic. Our campus has responded to the ever-changing needs of our community by providing state-of-the-art housing that fits the needs of each individual, from a small retirement community of independent living townhomes along the banks of the Minnesota River, to personalized and thoughtful care for those who require ongoing medical attention or skilled nursing care.

With a team of over 100 highly trained therapists, our outpatient services will help anyone recovering from injury or illness regain strength and return to the comforts of home without confinement.

It is because of the enduring values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth that the Minnesota Masons built the Minnesota Masonic Home that opened in 1920. Nevertheless, there is no stipulation that anyone have a connection to Freemasonry to benefit from the award-winning care that the staff provides for any of our services.

Our Approach

Minnesota Masonic Home was the pioneer in elder care during the early 1900s, and we remain humbled each time our organization is recognized locally and nationally as providing an outstanding level of senior care. We invite you to visit us to see the beauty of our property for yourself and to experience the kindness and dedication of our loving staff firsthand.


From its beginning in 1918 with the purchase of a 271-acre estate owned by Marion W. Savage, into the 21st century with its continuum of care community, Minnesota Masonic Home has provided a beautiful and comforting home to thousands of senior citizens in Minnesota.

The 1927 dedication for the new Main Guest Lodge, adjoining dining hall and powerplant buildings was attended by some 5,000 Masons and Members of the Eastern Star. In 1940 the infirmary was completed to respond to the increasing need for medical care among residents. Until 1954, the Home was supported by a fully functioning farm that included animals, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens.

The Order of the Eastern Star Chapel was added in 1968 to accommodate the important spiritual needs of the community. In 1967, the Care Center was added to the campus as residents began to require more skilled nursing services.

Along the way, many supplemental features of this sprawling 80-acre property have been introduced, including a cluster of single-level rental townhomes where residents experience maintenance-free, independent living in an idyllic setting along the banks of the Minnesota River.

Full History of Our Home

Who Are the Masons?

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and the largest fraternal order, with some 1.5 million members worldwide. Its members are men from all walks of life who together, support the Fraternity’s aims of Brotherhood, Relief, and Truth. Membership is open to men of any race or religion who believe in a Supreme Being and are of good repute.

The heritage of modern Freemasonry is derived from the organized guilds or unions of stone masons who constructed the beautiful cathedrals and other stately structures throughout Europe during the middle ages. The skills and architectural genius of these craftsmen and their commitment to the highest standards of moral and ethical values were universally applauded, and unlike other classes of people, they were allowed to travel freely from country to country. Thus, during this period, the word “Free” was prefixed to the word mason, and these craftsmen, and the generations of masons who followed, were referred to as Freemasons.



The Masonic Difference

Minnesota Masonic Home’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality care and services to aging adults, guided by the principles of our Masonic founders and informed by best practices in healthcare and the collective experience of nearly a century of service.